[Guia] Happy Home Paradise: desbloqueie novos itens com os pedidos dos villagers de Animal Crossing

[Guia] Happy Home Paradise: desbloqueie novos itens com os pedidos dos villagers de Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons recebeu muito conteúdo novo no último dia 5 de novembro, tanto grátis, quanto pago. E a DLC paga Happy Home Paradise trouxe um grande arquipélago para você gerenciar casas de férias dos mais diversos villagers e com isso um monte de novos itens.

Diversos desses novos itens podem ser adquiridos com a moeda local do arquipélago, os Poki, mas também podem ser levados para o jogo e ilha principal, podendo (após a compra por Poki) serem adquiridos com Bells através do Nook Shopping. E muitos desses itens estão fazendo os fãs muito felizes, desde bancas de sorvete e alimentos à paredes e torres de castelo.

Mas para isso é preciso desbloqueá-los para a compra na loja do arquipélago (que com o tempo você desbloqueia uma listagem de todos os itens, assim como o Nook Shopping, além dos 5 itens em exposição sempre na loja de entrada). E para desbloqueá-los é preciso achar o villager que irá pedir tal estilo de item. Por exemplo, para você conseguir comprar as paredes e torres de castelos mencionadas acima, deverá construir a casa dos sonhos de Elvis, um villager leão que busca um “Castelo para um Rei” em sua casa de férias.

Claro que também há a possibilidade de ganhar o item de um amigo para liberar em sua loja, mas se você quer desbloquear alguns itens específicos, fica aqui uma lista com os pedidos e itens necessários (que desbloqueia outros também no mesmo estilo) de cada um dos mais de 400 villagers que você pode encontrar pelo arquipélago ou chamar por Amiibo. Como são muitos itens, cada item necessário para cada construção de casa de férias está linkado à pagina da Nookipedia específica do item com foto e mais detalhes.

Uma dica interessante é você procurar o item ou tema que você quer e depois pesquisar na lista qual Villager pode desbloquear ele para você. A lista não está finalizada e está em constante atualização, por tanto sempre dê uma olhada em busca de novidades:

VillagerFala do PedidoVisãoItens Requeridos Conceito/Tema dos Itens Desbloqueados
Ace‎‎I want a place where I can fish to my heart’s content.The Fishin’ HoleCooler Box
Outdoor Folding Chair
Admiral‎‎I want a cool cabin where I can relax on hot days!Cool Country CabinRetro Fan
Water Pump
Bamboo Noodle Slide
Relaxamento e Campo
Agent S‎‎Heroes train! It’s what they do, even on vacation!Training Grounds for a HeroSpeed Bag
Shower Booth
Agnes‎‎I want a place that’s like a museum with artsy furniture!The Artsiest Art MuseumPoster Stand
Elaborate Display Case
Decorative Pillar
Alfonso‎‎I want to float high in the sky, surrounded by cake…Castle Sky CakeDessert Case
Yule Log
Crescent-Moon Chair
Alice‎‎I want a taste of the refined lifestyle…with antique goods.An Antique CottageServing Cart
Simple Sofa
Fancy Tea Set
Alli‎‎I want to relax in a forest surrounded by mushrooms.My Mushroom ForestMush Low Stool
Mush Table
Log Garden Lounge
Al‎‎My dream is to someday teach gymnastics to kids.Gymnastics School for KidsSchool Locker
Ball Catcher
Pull-Up-Bar Stand
Educação Física
Amelia‎‎I want a place where my greenery can get lots of light.Beloved Hanging GardensPlant Partition
Flower Bed
Plantas e Flores
Anabelle‎‎I’d love a garden where all my friends can gather…Anabelle’s Gathering GardenElegant Sofa
Park Clock
Anchovy‎‎If I had tons of hats, would it feel like a hat shop?A Place Where They Sell HatsTabletop POP Display
Counter Table
Desk Mirror
Angus‎‎I think a vacation home with a lighthouse would be fun…A Lighthouse LifestyleFish Container
Wave Breaker
Farol e Mar
Anicotti‎‎I want to have outdoor pizza parties with my friends!Pizza-Party HQStonework Kitchen
Pizza Margherita
Brick Oven
Ankha‎‎I enjoy the elegance of the ancient world.Ancient OasisGolden Dung Beetle
Elegant Mirror
Templo Histórico
Antonio‎‎Is it too much to ask for a simple stronghold?A Simple StrongholdSimple Table
Simple Chair
Simple Bed
Itens Simples
Apollo‎‎I like to go off the beaten path, to spots no one’s seen.A Home in the RoughRuined Decorated Pillar
Ruined Broken Pillar
Apple‎‎Wouldn’t a home filled with yummy apples be totes cool?My Own Apple OrchardJuicy-Apple TV
Apple Chair
Fruit Basket
Maça e Frutas
Audie‎‎I want a place where I can always be a DJ!DJ Party ZoneDJ’s Turntable
Record Box
Floor Monitor
DJ e Música
Aurora‎‎I love flower shops and all their pretty flowers…A Florist’s Flower ShopFlower Display Case
Flower Stand
Garden Wagon
Ava‎‎I’d like a vacation home for offering cooking lessons.My Gastronomy GardenKitchen Island
Avery‎‎Being near lots of rocks might be nice. They’re real quiet.Rocky RefugeTall Garden Rock
Garden Rock
Stone Arch
Azalea‎‎I think green furniture is what I need to feel refreshed.House of Green FurniturePear Wardrobe
Iron Garden Table
Iron Garden Chair
Itens Verdes
Bam‎‎I want a place I can cook anything. Particularly rice!My Cooking LifeBathroom Sink
Rice Cooker
Barold‎‎I want a place with lots of pots for a hot-pot potluck!A Hot-Pot Potluck PlaceStewpot
Bea‎‎I want a place to raise and care for my plants…My Own Garden PlotFlower Display Case
Potted Starter Plants
Flower Bed
Bella‎‎It’s real important for me to keep up my voice training.My Voice-Training StudioSilver Mic
High-End Stereo
Bertha‎‎I want a place filled with all sorts of warm, cozy baskets.Bungalow of Cozy BasketsPicnic Basket
Rattan Towel Basket
Fruit Basket
Bettina‎‎I want to make cakes as good as the best cake bakeries do.A Peerless PatisserieDessert Case
Afternoon-Tea Set
Dessert Carrier
Bianca‎‎I grew up around snow, so I want a snowy vacation home!My Winter WonderlandSki Rack
Three-Tiered Snowperson
Frozen Sculpture
Biff‎‎Alien Cyborg LabScience Pod
Amazing Machine
Flying Saucer
Billy‎‎I want a place to make pottery around the clock!A Place for PotteryBrick Oven
Modeling Clay
Classic Pitcher
Bill‎‎I want every day to feel like I’m on a summer vacation!My Old Summertime ShelterMelon Soda
Shaved-Ice Maker
Beach Ball
Praia e Verão
Blaire‎‎Lemme stay at a place that’s full of juicy, fresh fruit.A Home With Fruit FlavorClothes Closet
Cardboard Box
Blanche‎‎I’d like to be able to make fabulous cloth using a loom.A House That Looms LargeLoom
Elaborate Kimono Stand
Bob‎‎I want a garden that’s, like, IN my house. With flowers.A Blooming Indoor GardenRed Tulips
Yellow Tulips
White Tulips
Bones‎‎I want a place to play just like when I was a little pup.A Pup’s PlaypenMini Circuit
Playground Gym
Boots‎‎I want a place to do my farm work in peace…A Peaceful Working FarmHandcart
Boris‎‎I want my own home studio to kick-start my music career!A Music Producer’s HomeSampler
PA Speaker
Silver Mic
Boyd‎‎I want to work with totally heavy equipment! Safely…Heavy-Duty Safety ZoneExcavator
Bree‎‎I once dreamt of a home filled with toys…Toy Box from My DreamsToy Box
Dress-Up Doll
Dinosaur Toy
Bruce‎‎I want a place to play board games with my pals.My Board-Game PalaceBoard Game
Cool Dining Table
Instant Noodles
Jogos de Tabuleiro, Arcade
Bubbles‎‎It’d be so fun to model for a seaside photo shoot!My Seaside Photo StudioBistro Table
Poolside Bed
Wave Breaker
Praia e Fotos
Bud‎‎I wanna play beach sports whenever I want!Seaside Sports ArenaScoreboard
Volleyball Net
Lifeguard Chair
Esportes de Praia
Butch‎‎I need a place where I can run around unleashed!A Dog Run for a Running DogGarden Table
Garden Chair
Wild Log Bench
Cally‎‎I need plenty of space inside and out for hanging laundry.A Home for Hanging LaundryDeluxe Washer
Drying Rack
Clothesline Pole
Camofrog‎‎A Natural GetawaySleeping Bag
Wild Log Bench
Canberra‎‎International EateryChafing Dish
Fried Rice
Comida Asiática
Candi‎‎I want time to just slip away while I relax with handicrafts!My Crafty CabinSewing Project
Sturdy Sewing Box
Ironing Set
Carrie‎‎I want to play with my child in a yard filled with green.Green Space for My ChildStroller
Baby Bed
Flower Bed
Crianças e Bebês
Cephalobot‎‎I wanna relax in a place that reminds me of back home.My Other HomeUnknown Machine
Gear Tower
Meter and Pipes
Cesar‎‎I want a place that’s not quite finished yet…A Half-Built HouseCone
Safety Barrier
Cement Mixer
Chabwick‎‎I want a place where I can smoke and BBQ my food…Chabwick’s SmokehouseSmoker
Cheri‎‎I want a fun home perfect for making great fruit smoothies!A Fruity-Smoothie FortFruit Basket
Milk Can
Frutas e Bebidas
Cherry‎‎I want a place to host my own fashion shows!A Runway for a Fashion ShowChanging Room
Powder-Room Booth
Hanger Rack
Passarela e Moda
Chester‎‎I want to be surrounded by bamboo. It makes me sleepy!My Dream Bamboo GardenBamboo Bench
Bamboo Partition
Jardim e Bambu
Chevre‎‎I vow to protect the assets I’ve received from everyone!World’s Safest VaultJail Bars
Pile of Cash
Chief‎‎I want a garage space for enjoying hobbies with friends.Garage Space for My PalsTool Shelf
Paint Cans
Tool Cart
Hobbies e Pintura
Chrissy‎‎My dream is to walk a runway in clothes made just for me!Star-Model ShowcaseStage Lights
Flower Stand
Francine’s Photo
Passarela e Moda
Claude‎‎Every day would be so much fun if I had a home arcade!Home Game HideawayArcade Fighting Game
Arcade Seat
Crane Game
Arcade e Fliperamas
Clay‎‎I want air conditioning, and scary stuff is “chilling,” so…Clay’s House of ChillsSimple Well
Decayed Tree
Creepy Skeleton
Cleo‎‎I want the most luxurious, relaxing bathroom ever built.A Home Bathed in EleganceClaw-Foot Tub
Casablanca Lilies
Rattan Towel Basket
Luxo e Spa
Clyde‎‎Warming up by a wood-burning stove is calming…Wood-Burning BungalowRocking Chair
Wood-Burning Stove
Magazine Rack
Coach‎‎You know what’d be fun? Rolling a giant ball around!Track-Meet Training GroundsExercise Ball
Coco‎‎I think old-time living would suit me well.Coco-Style Retro LivingUnglazed Dish Set
Cole‎‎I want my home and yard to have island resort vibes.My Island ResortRattan Armchair
Coconut Milk
Beach Chairs with Parasol
Colton‎‎House of Tea and SweetsAfternoon-Tea Set
Tea Set
Bistro Table
Cranston‎‎I’m drooling thinking about a home filled with rice dishes.A Nice Rice ParadiseTea Table
Curry with Rice
Bamboo Lunch Box
Arroz e Comida
Croque‎‎I wanna make the kind of ramen folks stand in line for.Popular Ramen RestaurantHearty Ramen
Vertical Banner
Macarrão e Comida
Curlos‎‎I want to stay where it’s like it’s always Toy Day!House of Eternal Toy DayBig Festive Tree
Holiday Candle
Illuminated Tree
Brinquedos e Natal
Curly‎‎Game-Development StudioDesktop Computer
Nintendo Switch
Office Desk
Games e Tecnologia
Curt‎‎I just wanna get away from it all and paint.A Painter’s RetreatPainting Set
Iron Garden Chair
Iron Garden Table
Cyd‎‎I gotta show everyone how good I am at playin’ games!My Streaming HQGaming Desk
Gaming Chair
Desktop Mic
Games e Tecnologia
Cyrano‎‎I want my place to feel like a construction job site!Construction Job SiteStacked Bags
Unfolded Reference Sheet
Daisy‎‎I’d be great to have a place that Santa wants to visit!Santa’s Favorite HouseBig Festive Tree
Holiday Candle
Illuminated Present
Brinquedos e Natal
Deirdre‎‎I wish I could be somewhere where it’s fall all the time…A Little Slice of FallPile of Leaves
Mush Table
Tree’s Bounty Lamp
Outono e Árvores
Derwin‎‎I’m dreaming of a place where I’d actually WANT to study.My Smart Study SpaceBathroom Stall
Book Stands
Tension-Pole Rack
Diana‎‎I desire a space where I can focus inward and meditate…A Place to MeditateAroma Pot
Fortune-Telling Set
Elegant Lamp
Meditação e Zen
Dobie‎‎Maybe a trip to a hot spring will clear my writer’s block!The Author’s RetreatShoji Divider
Cypress Bathtub
Essay Set
Zen e Livros
Doc‎‎I want to display and share my favorite picture books!A Children’s LibraryWooden Bookshelf
Pop-Up Book
Baby Chair
Livros e Crianças
Dom‎‎I want a place packed full of electronic gizmos.House of GizmosCrew Member’s Seat
Golden Gear Tower
Outdoor Generator
Drago‎‎If my place is fulla lucky stuff, then nothing bad can happen!My Lucky LodgingsLucky Gold Cat
Drake‎‎I want a place where they just keep bringing me bread.Home of the Bread RefillBread
Serving Cart
Table with Cloth
Drift‎‎Washing away sweat with cold well water sounds refreshing!A Vacation Home with a WellSauna Heater
Brick Well
Wooden Bucket
Ed‎‎Dinner-Party CentralKitchen Island
Table Setting
Table with Cloth
Egbert‎‎Aren’t the shapes of numbers cool? A huh huh huh…A Niche Full of NumbersColorful WheelNúmeros
Elise‎‎I collect stylish glasses, and I wish to show them off.Spectacle Collector’s HomeElaborate Display Case
Oval Glasses
Ellie‎‎I just want to be surrounded by sweets! Ahh…A Sweet SpaceCandy Machine
Soft-Serve Lamp
Cotton-Candy Stall
Eloise‎‎I want a nice, quiet place where I can read in peace.My Relaxing Reading RoomWooden Bookshelf
Stack of Books
Rocking Chair
Elvis‎‎Castle for a KingThrone
Castle Gate
Castle Tower
Castelo Medieval
Erik‎‎I see myself in a hut on a big mountain with fresh air…A Hut in the MountainsFireplace
Log Extra-Long Sofa
Étoile‎‎I want a home exclusively for working on handicrafts.Home For HandicraftsSewing Machine
Cute DIY Table
Sturdy Sewing Box
Eugene‎‎I want a relaxing space where I can talk about myself. A lot.A Place to Tell My StoryTV Camera
Studio Spotlight
Cool Low Table
Eunice‎‎I want a home that’s toasty warm even in the winter.Cozy Winter CabinWood-Burning Stove
Sewing Project
Cabana e Montanha
Faith‎‎I could play so many songs if I had a bunch of instruments!Marching-Band HQTrumpet
Snare Drum
Música e Instrumentos
Fang‎‎I’m sure I ain’t the only one that loves a good chair shop!Chic Chair ChaletAntique Chair
Peacock Chair
Touchscreen Cash Register
Fauna‎‎I want to entertain friends with my piano stylings.My Piano HangoutGrand Piano
Velvet Stool
Flower Stand
Piano e Música
Filbert‎‎I could get more practice if I lived with cool vehicle stuff.Driver’s Ed. Study LoungeSpace Shuttle
Vehicle Cabin Seat
Luxury Car
Espaço e Veículos
Flip‎‎I want a place where folks can relax in a spa.A Relaxing SpaSquare Bathtub
Bath Bucket
Bath Stool
Flora‎‎If it’s in my home, then it better be pink! Oh yeah!A Fortress as Flush as FloraMrs. Flamingo
Mr. Flamingo
Inflatable Sofa
Flo‎‎I need a place that’s rockin’ for a guitarist like me.A Guitarist’s HomeRock Guitar
Floor Monitor
Música e Instrumentos
Flurry‎‎Flurry’s House of FlurriesSnow Globe
Three-Tiered Snowperson
Francine‎‎I want a classy place to design outfits for my friend.Home for a Classy DesignerHanging Clothing Rack
Sewing Machine
Chrissy’s Photo
Freckles‎‎It’d be so cool to feel like I’m under the sea like a little fish!An Underwater UtopiaShell Bed
Shell Speaker
Pisces Lamp
Frett‎‎I want a place to watch sports without any distractions.A Sports Fan’s DugoutBall
LCD TV (50 in.)
Esportes e Televisão
Freya‎‎I want to make authentic food in a pro-level kitchen.A Pro Chef’s KitchenKitchen Stove
Kitchen Counter
Cooking Tools
Friga‎‎A giant projection screen for movies would be amazing…A Movie-Projection PalaceProjection Screen
Popcorn Snack Set
Frita‎‎I’d like somewhere I can get fast food with my buds.My Fast-Food RestaurantBusing Station
Diced-Salad Sandwich Set
Standing Shop Sign
Gaston‎‎The Local Doctor’s OfficeOffice Chair
Exam Table
Laboratório Médico
Genji‎‎I just wanna spend all day playing on a go board…A Place to Play GoFloor Seat
Go Board
Gigi‎‎I could be stage ready at any time with my own greenroom.An Actress’s GreenroomChanging Room
Powder-Room Booth
Casablanca Lilies
Gladys‎‎I could stare out at a peaceful Japanese garden all day…Refined Japanese GardenPaper Lantern
Deer Scare
Tall Lantern
Jardim Oriental
Gloria‎‎I want the furniture to be stylish and functional.A Stylish but Functional SpotNordic Table
Nordic Chair
Nordic Shelves
Gonzo‎‎I want to camp all fancy-like. They call it glamping!Campground for GlampingLog Chair
Log Dining Table
Outdoor Kitchen
Goose‎‎I need a place where I can work out when I wake up!My Wake-Up WaypointOld-Fashioned Alarm Clock
Digital Alarm Clock
Graham‎‎I need a place where I can focus my career.Office for a Venture CapitalistModern Office Chair
Office Desk
Gruff‎‎House of HorrorsVideo Camera
Creepy Skeleton
Western-Style Stone
Hamlet‎‎I want to spend every day focused on soccer!My Own Soccer FieldStadium Light
Hamphrey‎‎I’d like to relax in a place with a rich, smoky aroma. Mmm!A Smoky RoomSmoker
Fire Pit
Hans‎‎It’d be great to have a whole ski slope all to myself.My Personal Ski SlopeRound Space Heater
Ski Rack
Harry‎‎My Messy ManorRound Space Heater
Sloppy Sofa
Sloppy Sink
Henry‎‎I want to find myself. But also have a nice scenery…A Voyage of Self-DiscoveryThrowback Container
Mountain Bike
Hippeux‎‎Legendary Art StudioModeling Clay
Painting Set
Iron Worktable
Hopkins‎‎I want a place where I can be with all of my balloons.Bouncy Balloon BungalowPlaza Balloon Wagon
Blue Balloon
Yellow Balloon
Huck‎‎Huck’s Adventure CampElegant Sofa
Western-Style Stone
Hugh‎‎I just want a place to eat lots, then nap on a futon.A Place to Sleep and EatFuton
Instant Noodles
Simple Table
Iggly‎‎I need a place to ice down after super-hot workouts.Elite Cooling StationFan
Frozen-Treat Set
Ike‎‎Retro Ice-Cream ShopWood-Plank Table
Shaved-Ice Maker
Retro Ice-Cream Case
Ione‎‎I want an upscale place where I can pretend I’m a diva.A Diva’s DwellingVirgo Harp
Elegant Bed
Valiant Statue
Isabelle‎‎I’ll leave it up to you!
Jacques‎‎I want an exclusive club that only plays my playlists.The Most Exclusive ClubDJ’s Turntable
DJ e Música
Jeremiah‎‎It’d be nice if I had a place to nap whenever I feel tired.House of NapWooden Table
Double Sofa
Jitters‎‎I need a place to train and dominate in futsal!A Futsal FortressFoosball Table
Lawn Mower
Judy‎‎I want a place where my singing voice can echo!Judy’s Recital HallMic Stand
Flower Stand
PA Speaker
Julia‎‎I just want somewhere to hum and strum on my guitar.A Place to Enjoy My GuitarAcoustic Guitar
Music Stand
Wooden Stool
Ken‎‎I want a home that shows off how cool samurai are!A Dojo for Ninjas and SamuraiSamurai Suit
Ketchup‎‎Tomato ParadiseGas Range
Salad-Stuffed Tomato
Pile of Cardboard Boxes
Kevin‎‎I want a place where I can visualize piloting a spaceship!Planet Peace Force HQStrategic Meeting Table
Spaceship Control Panel
Crew Member’s Seat
Kid Cat‎‎I’m a hero, so I need a secret base, right?A Hero’s Secret BaseServer
Throwback Rocket
Base Secreta
Kidd‎‎Pro Photo StudioStudio Spotlight
SLR Camera
Kiki‎‎I’ve always wanted to be the chef at a seafood restaurant.My Seafood Snack BarCounter Chair
Counter Table
Carp on a Cutting Board
Frutos do Mar
Kitt‎‎I want all the conveniences. Fill my place with appliances!A Home Full of AppliancesDeluxe Washer
Vacuum Cleaner
Knox‎‎Castle of the Noble KnightPlate Armor
Double-Edged Sword
Kyle‎‎I want a place to show off my exquisite lighting collection.A Home with Cool LightingRocket Lamp
Whirlpool Bath
Limberg‎‎A Self-Sufficient HomesteadClay Furnace
Lionel‎‎You can never have too many toilets when company’s over.Restroom RefugeStanding Toilet
Plain Sink
Tankless Toilet
Lobo‎‎I could see surrounding myself with cool retro stuff.A Retro ResidenceRetro Massage Chair
Retro Fan
Retro TV
Lolly‎‎I’d like a place to practice my public speaking.An Emcee’s Training GroundsWhiteboard
Lecture-Hall Desk
Lopez‎‎It’s gotta have that big-city-apartment feel for me…My Piece of the Big CityCool Low Table
Hi-Fi Stereo
Louie‎‎I want to work out in nature, like in an actual jungle!An Actual Jungle GymKettlebell
Wooden Box
Exercícios e Floresta
Lucky‎‎I want to sleep in crumbling old ruins that time forgot.The Cradle of CivilizationGolden Casket
King Tut Mask
Ruined Arch
Início da Civilização
Lucy‎‎I want to be surrounded by dolls! I love them so much!Doll ManorDolly
Lyman‎‎A Variety of VeggiesSalad Bar
Veggie Sandwich
Pickled Veggies
Comida Vegetariana
Maddie‎‎I want my own studio to stream my awesomeness!Stylish Streamer EstateVideo Camera
Studio Spotlight
Nordic Sofa
Maggie‎‎I want to grow a lovely garden to create a restorative space.Garden of RegenerationGarden Chair
Garden Table
Flower Bed
Mallary‎‎I want a luxury home with its own hot spring. Nothing less.Relaxing Hot-Spring ResortCypress Bathtub
Rattan Towel Basket
Deer Scare
Maple‎‎I think a home with lots of plush bears would be so fun.A Bountiful Bear BungalowPapa Bear
Mama Bear
Ranch Wardrobe
Marcie‎‎I bet my neighbors would appreciate a daycare nearby…A Homey Daycare DwellingDollhouse
High Chair
Baby Bed
Crianças e Bebês
Marina‎‎There’s something wonderful about being beneath the sea.Marina’s Underwater PalaceShell Table
Shell Stool
Aquarius Urn
Marlo‎‎I wanna pretend I’m one of those big, fancy movie stars.A Movie-Star MansionDen Chair
Den Desk
Rotary Phone
Marshal‎‎Can anything beat a good cup at the café? The answer is no.Retro Café CabinCoffee Cup
Coffee Grinder
Standing Electric Sign
Marty‎‎I want a place to eat and then immediately start sweating.Come-and-Go Calorie CastlePompompurin Pudding
Yoga Mat
Milk Can
Comida e Exercícios
Mathilda‎‎I want my family to stay in harmony with nature.An Eco-friendly EnvironmentHammock
Fan Palm
Casablanca Lilies
Megan‎‎I’d be thrilled with a dreamy style full of pastel colors!A Place for Dreamy ThrillsDreamy Shelves
Cute Floor Lamp
Cute Sofa
Cores Pasteis
Melba‎‎I want my home to feel like it’s in a fairy tale.Fairytale WorldMush Low Stool
Mush Table
Plaza Arch
Conto de Fadas
Merengue‎‎I want a place to invent delicious everyday desserts!Dessert R & D Dept.Store Shelf
Mixed-Fruits Tart
Cooking Tools
Merry‎‎I want my own studio where I model for an artist!A Spot to Model MyselfMoving Painting
Box-Shaped Seat
Painting Set
Mira‎‎I want a futuristic place. But not, like, TOO futuristic.My Cutting-Edge KeepStrategic Meeting Table
Cold Sleep Pod
Crew Member’s Seat
Mitzi‎‎A mountaintop restaurant with Japanese food…yum!Mitzi’s Mountaintop EaterySenmaizuke Barrel
Azumaya Gazebo
Zen Bench
Comida Asiática
Moe‎‎I want a place to work on my mysterious magic act!A Magician’s Mystery ManorStage Lights
Magic Kit
Molly‎‎I’ve always wanted to run my own publishing house…A Tiny Publishing HouseStacked Magazines
Tall File Cabinet
Office Desk
Monique‎‎It simply must be full of European elegance.An Elegant Euro Pied-à-TerreElegant Dresser
Elegant Bed
Elegant Lamp
Elegante e Europeu
Monty‎‎Mystery-Solver ClubDen Chair
Document Stack
Den Desk
Mott‎‎A Physicist’s HomeTool Shelf
Newton’s Cradle
Muffy‎‎I’d like to spend my time in a gorgeous, old manor.Renaissance ManorAntique Clock
Antique Mini Table
Street Lamp with Banners
Murphy‎‎Small-Town FactoryAmazing Machine
Inspection Equipment
Solar Panel
Nana‎‎I want a relaxing park where I can eat lunch…A Park for the PeckishPicnic Basket
Plastic Bench
Nan‎‎I want that relaxing, refined hotel-style feeling for myself.A Luxury HotelElegant Bed
Antique Console Table
Floor Lamp
Hotel Luxuoso
Naomi‎‎I would adore my own sad café, filled with sad art…The Art CaféArtsy Chair
Elaborate Display Case
Artsy Table
Café Artístico
Nibbles‎‎Could a room ever motivate me to study? I don’t know.Nibbles’s Study SpaceStudy Desk
Study Chair
Niko‎‎I’ll leave it up to you!
Norma‎‎It’d be dreamy to read quietly in a room filled with plants…A Place Packed with PlantsTitan Arum
Tiny Library
Flower Bed
O'Hare‎‎An indoor tropical island would be pretty awesome.Tropical ParadiseBeach Chairs with Parasol
Beach Chair
Palm-Tree Lamp
Octavian‎‎I wanna relax by the sea and drink in that nostalgia…A Window to the SeaInflatable Bird Ring
Beach Towel
Olaf‎‎I’d like to sleep under a top-tier view of the night sky.A Stellar EstateWhirlpool Bath
Elegant Bed
Noite e Elegante
Olive‎‎I want a place where I can make ice cream for everyone!My Everyday Ice-Cream ParlorVanilla Cone
Ice-Cream Display
Bistro Table
Olivia‎‎I want a bedroom where I can fall into the deepest sleep…Portal to the Land of NodAntique Bed
Floor Lamp
Quarto de Dormir
Pango‎‎I want to relax in a hot tub at the ultimate beauty salon!Ultimate Beauty SalonWhirlpool Bath
Nail-Art Set
Fan Palm
Salão de Beleza
Papi‎‎I want a wooden home with lots of wooden furniture.Shrine to Wooden FurnitureRocking Chair
Serving Cart
Wooden Table
Pashmina‎‎I want to share the beauty of flowers through my flower art.Flower-Art AtelierProject Table
Flower Display Case
Sewing Project
Pate‎‎I want a place that feels like an old-school internet café!A Wired CaféDesktop Computer
Den Chair
Patty‎‎I want to grill and chill every single day!A Grilling Paradise
Paula‎‎I wanna do karaoke all night with my friends!All-Night Karaoke ClubKaraoke System
Mic Stand
Pavé‎‎I’ll leave it up to you!
Peaches‎‎I want a place with a gentle vibe and plenty of roundness.A Shrine to RoundnessMoroccan Tray Table
Moroccan Footrest
Itens Redondos
Peanut‎‎Gimme a fun life with stuff that reminds me of America!Peanut’s Americana MuseumDiner Neon Sign
Cherry Pie
Pecan‎‎I want to relax with chic, high-quality furniture.A Chic and Relaxing HomeVintage Sofa
Vintage Dresser
Peewee‎‎I want to work out in a gym that caters to elite athletes!Elite Sports GymWeight Bench
Exercise Bike
Peggy‎‎Supermarket Full of SamplesStore Shelf
TV Camera
Pekoe‎‎I want a relaxing vacation home with Asian resort vibes.My Own Zen ResortImperial Low Table
Traditional Tea Set
Petri‎‎Sometimes I just need a nice, relaxing teatime…Teatime TerraceTea Set
Rattan Armchair
Rattan Low Table
Phoebe‎‎My Home should match my burning drive! I’m heating up!A Place to Fan the FlamesStage Flame Machine
Pierce‎‎His Majesty’s Royal GymWeight Bench
Golden Bathtub
Pinky‎‎I want good luck, so give me a flat inspired by feng shui!A Feng Shui FieldImperial Low Table
Incense Burner
Piper‎‎I want to relax in a spa where I can hear waves crashing…A Soothing Spa SiteShell Partition
Rattan Low Table
Coconut Milk
Pippy‎‎Convenience stores—I love ‘em! They’re so convenient!A Very Convenient StoreTouchscreen Cash Register
Store Shelf
Deep Fryer
Loja de Conveniências
Poncho‎‎I want a cool home straight out of a western movie!A Prairie Western HomeCovered Wagon
Retro Gas Pump
Velho Oeste
Portia‎‎I require a space in which I can enjoy classical music.A Venue for Timeless MusicPhonograph
Upright Piano
Antique Chair
Música Clássica
Puddles‎‎I want my vacation home to be full of cute, lovely stuff!A Lovely GetawayNordic Table
Street Piano
Nordic Sofa
Pudge‎‎I wanna hang out in a fancy place surrounded by riches!My Pretentious PalacePile of Cash
Lucky Gold Cat
Purrl‎‎My ideal day? Me, cozy under my kotatsu, eating oranges.My Kotatsu CitadelKotatsu
Zen Cushion
Queenie‎‎I’ve always loved how black contrasts against white.Contrast CourtyardMama Panda
Cool Sofa
Office Cabinet
Preto e Branco
Quillson‎‎I want to drop an album, so I need somewhere to record it.My Own Recording StudioMic Stand
Electric Guitar
Quinn‎‎I want a place to express beauty in all its forms.A Place to Express MyselfSLR Camera
Studio Spotlight
Acid-Washed Jacket
Raddle‎‎Mad Scientist’s Lair
Rasher‎‎Not-Too-Serious Secret BaseUpright Locker
Pile of Cash
Aluminum Briefcase
Raymond‎‎If my home could feel like a tailor shop, that would rule.A Home Tailored for MeCovered Counter
Antique Console Table
Old Sewing Machine
Reese‎‎I’ll leave it up to you!
Renée‎‎I miss the time I spent hanging out in empty lots…Total Blank SlateUtility Pole
Cruiser Bike
Reneigh‎‎I want a place to gather my friends for fancy parties!Fancy-Party HouseLarge Covered Round Table
Chafing Dish
Luxury Car
Rex‎‎A Place to Climb MountainsDormant Volcano
Camp Stove
Sleeping Bag
Rhonda‎‎I want a relaxing home so all my dreams are pleasant ones.A Home for Pleasant DreamsAroma Pot
Luna’s Bed
Zen e Relaxamento
Ricky‎‎I want a place where I can learn about being a doctor!The Halls of MedicineHospital Bed
Rio‎‎Fitness every day! Anytime! That’s what I want!Workout WorkshopTreadmill
Exercise Bike
Yoga Mat
Roald‎‎I want a place that makes me feel like I’m a racer.A Wannabe’s RacetrackThrowback Race-Car Bed
Public Bench
Tire Stack
Rod‎‎Pirates are so cool! I want my own pirate hideaway!A Pirate’s Secret HideawayBarrel
Antique Map
Rolf‎‎An Alfresco ApartmentCampfire
Sleeping Bag
Campfire Cookware
Roscoe‎‎I wanna keep it simple. Make it all either black or white.Monotone HomeCool Low Table
Cool Sofa
Preto e Branco
Rosie‎‎I need a studio suitable for a true pop star.My Very Own Talent AgencyWhiteboard
Cardboard Box
Flower Stand
Estúdio e Fama
Roswell‎‎I want a place to study the mysterious stuff I find.My Mystery WorkshopForbidden Altar
Ancient Statue
Glowing-Moss Pond
Ruby‎‎I want to admire the beautiful night sky and moon…A Place to Admire the MoonTelescope
Lunar Rover
Samson‎‎A Treasure-Packed GymDouble-Edged Sword
Libra Scale
Decayed Tree
Sasha‎‎I want a place that reminds me of the moon.Moon-Shot ManorMoon
Savannah‎‎Surrounded by NatureMini-Cactus Set
Scoot‎‎A School with a PoolSchool Chair
School Desk
Escola e Piscina
Shari‎‎I want a place to show off always-blooming flowers.House of PerennialsLily Record Player
Mum Cushion
Rose Bed
Sheldon‎‎I want a place where I can teach everyone traffic safety.Traffic-Safety HubMinicar
Crosswalk Signal
Small Mannequin
Shep‎‎Sounds of the StreetStreet Piano
Acoustic Guitar
Drink Machine
Música Urbana
Sherb‎‎I think the world needs more fairy-tale theme parks.My Fantasy Theme ParkCotton-Candy Stall
Plaza Bench
Doce e Fantasia
Shino‎‎I wanna rock out in front of a Japanese-style backdrop!A Stage to Jam for JapanSilver Mic
Bamboo Speaker
Zen Bench
Música Oriental
Simon‎‎I want to line all my cool cars up and show them off.Cool Car LotMinicar
Luxury Car
Sly‎‎My Hide-and-Seek JungleVine Bench
Giant Vine
Snake‎‎I need a place to train if I ever wanna be a hot-shot chef!The Ultimate Chef DojoSuper-Premium Nigirizushi
Counter Table
Standing Electric Sign
Cozinha Asiática
Snooty (villager)‎‎I’d simply adore having my own swim club…Snooty’s Indoor Swim ClubPool
Fan Palm
Soleil‎‎I could use a summer home to properly relax in.A Relaxing Summer HomeHammock
Sparro‎‎A Gamer’s BunkerCrane Game
Arcade Fighting Game
Capsule-Toy Machine
Jogos Arcade
Spike‎‎I want a slice of that stylish, big-city life.Heart of the CityShower Booth
Cool Sofa
Sprinkle‎‎I’ll melt if I’m not surrounded by snow and ice.Castle of ColdFrozen Sculpture
Frozen Tree
Frozen-Drink Machine
Sprocket‎‎A factory that makes robots or mechs would be awesome!The Robo DepotRobot Arm
Conveyor Belt
Tin Robot
Static‎‎I want to experience thrills at home, like an adventurer.A Thrill-Seeker’s HideawayMining Car
Gear Apparatus
Aventuras e Cavernas
Stella‎‎I love the color pink… I want it all around me!My Pink PalacePeacock Chair
Lily Record Player
Flower Bed
Sterling‎‎Sci-fi Sterling’s StationSpaceship Control Panel
Crew Member’s Seat
Astronaut Suit
Ficção Científica
Stinky‎‎I want an indoor wrestling ring so I can play rough!A Padded Ring for RompingRed Corner
Blue Corner
Neutral Corner
Stitches‎‎A Toy Box Full of ColorsDiner Sofa
Wooden-Block Table
Toy Box
Stu‎‎I just want my nose to be hugged by the smell of trees.A House with Woodsy SmellsLog Decorative Shelves
Owl Clock
Chalé nas Montanhas
Sydney‎‎I’ve never worked in an office. I wonder what it’s like.A Working-Vacation HomeDocument Stack
Wooden Waste Bin
Plant Partition
Documentos e Trabalho
Sylvia‎‎If only my child and I could enjoy plenty of pool time…A Family-Friendly PoolHigh Chair
Plastic Pool
Garden Faucet
T-Bone‎‎A Place That Stirs the SoulWood-Burning Stove
Kettle Bathtub
Tad‎‎I want to be able to do strength training whenever!Dreams of Strength TrainingClimbing Wall
Full-Length Mirror
Electric Kick Scooter
Tammi‎‎House of Free RefillsWater Cooler
Espresso Maker
Água e Café
Tangy‎‎A Vivid VivariumDiner Chair
Rocket Lamp
Throwback Race-Car Bed
Tank‎‎I want to invite friends to my place to play tabletop games!Tabletop-Game GroundsBingo Wheel
Board Game
Jogos de Tabuleiro
Tasha‎‎My home should have plenty of orange, just like my eyes.An Orange SpaceCool Sofa
Orange End Table
Teddy‎‎Seeing a place packed up to move is kind of exciting!Always on the MoveCardboard Box
Pile of Cardboard Boxes
Caixas e Mudança
Tex‎‎I need a studio-style vacation home for band practice.Practice Studio for the BandEffects Rack
Mic Stand
Tiansheng‎‎I want my own utopia where I can eat peaches all the time!Peach ParadiseImperial Partition
Imperial Chest
Azumaya Gazebo
Pêssegos e Japonês
Tiffany‎‎I want the stylish and elusive celebrity lifestyle…Celeb HideawayWhirlpool Bath
Elegant Sofa
Capricorn Ornament
Timmy‎‎I’ll leave it up to you!
Tipper‎‎I would enjoy a wide-open space. Perhaps my own ranch.Tipper’s RanchMilk Can
Lawn Mower
Toby‎‎I just wanna sit in a hallway and gaze at my yard.A Peaceful PatioKerokerokeroppi Hallway
Kerokerokeroppi Lantern
Pátio Oriental
Tommy‎‎I’ll leave it up to you!
Tom‎‎I wanna be able to go totally wild in the boxing ring.A Primal Boxing RingPunching Bag
Speed Bag
Esportes de Luta
Truffles‎‎Quiz-Show SoundstageGame-Show Stand
Colorful Wheel
TV Camera
Programa de Televisão
Tucker‎‎I need a home with the right vibe for studying archaeology.Armchair Archaeology DigForbidden Altar
Ancient Statue
Stone Arch
Tutu‎‎I love shaved ice, so I need someplace SUPER chill…A Place to Literally ChillShaved-Ice Maker
Windflower Fan
Tybalt‎‎I want a place to enshrine a sweet bat collection!A Slugger’s DugoutBaseball SetEsportes
Ursala‎‎I just want to arrange flowers and share my love of them.A Flowery BoweryFlower Display Case
Flower Stand
Casablanca Lilies
Velma‎‎Having my own schoolhouse is a lifelong dream!Velma’s SchoolhouseLecture-Hall Desk
Homework Set
Vesta‎‎I want to create a warm family space with its own fireplace.Home with a FireplaceFireplace
Rocking Chair
Old Sewing Machine
Chalé na Montanha
Victoria‎‎A Cute Cottage in YellowDreamy Bed
Cute Floor Lamp
Tulip Surprise Box
Vic‎‎I need a home base for my various adventures.An Adventurer’s Home BaseDouble-Edged Sword
Vivian‎‎I need a place to work out to the rhythm of music.A Gym to Dance It OutExercise Bike
High-End Stereo
Rattan Towel Basket
Exercícios e Dança
Walker‎‎I want a place to show off how cool bikes are!A Place to Show Off My BikeMountain BikeBicicleta
Walt‎‎I wanna sip tea where they film those period dramas.The Set of Historical DramaScreen
Tea Table
Chá e Filmes
Wart Jr.‎‎I want a messy but beautiful place filled with bonsai.House of BonsaiPine Bonsai Tree
Imperial Low Table
Bonsai Shelf
Árvores Orientais
Weber‎‎I want a place to play my instruments like a pro.A Pro Musician’s PadAlto Saxophone
Upright Piano
Poster Stand
Música e Instrumentos
Wendy‎‎I wanna get my pals around the kotatsu for a party!Warm Winter DenKotatsu
Japanese Dresser
Moss Ball
Whitney‎‎Well, what I’d love is to make everyone pretty with makeup.The Makeup SalonMakeup Pouch
Nail-Art Set
Willow‎‎I want a home that’s nice and calm as I relax with my coffee.Home for a Coffee LoverEspresso Maker
Coffee Cup
Antique Mini Table
Wolfgang‎‎I want an awesome space that screams rock and roll!Rock-and-Roll ArenaRock Guitar
Stage Lights
Música e Instrumentos
Zell‎‎I want to feel like I’m staying at a hotel, like, all the time.My Perfect HotelTaurus Bathtub
Elegant Bed
Zoe‎‎A cute, tropical chalet would be so me, wouldn’t it?My Cute and Tropical CornerDreamy Shelves
Inflatable Bird Ring
Palm-Tree Lamp
Zucker‎‎I want my own festival where I can hang out with my pals.Festival GroundsCotton-Candy Stall
Shaved-Ice Maker
Pinball Machine
Doce e Brincadeiras
O corpo do Mario. A sociabilidade do Link. A fome do Kirby. E tão vencedor na vida quanto o Ash Ketchum.